phone: 914-861-KLEZ

recent performances

Bayberry Care Center
Celebrate Israel Parade
Croton Library
Elmsford Hanukkah Celebration
Five Star Premier Residence
Heritage Hills
Mt. Kisco Jewish Festival
New Rochelle Public Library
Pelham Arts Folk Festival
RiverArts Festival
Somers Manor
Temple Beth El
The Ambassador of Scarsdale
The Bristal
The Country House
The Grove at Valahalla
Veterans Home at Montrose
Westchester Jewish Heritage Festival
Warner Library


Executive Board
President: Stuart Katz
Vice President: Jerald Seti
Treasurer: Lloyd Widom
Secretary: Michele Lada
Members: Lorraine Kroutil

Exec Director: Jerald Seti
Music Director: Kenny Green
Music Instructor: Matty Mozzor

Our new internet home is

After going back and forth for several months about our identity and consistency of message, we finally decided that all vestiges of the the KlezKidz brand needed to be purged. It probably should have happened when we incorporated in 2005 and changed our name from Klezkidz to Westchester Klezmer Program. Over time we’ve evolved from a group of talented kids to a group of equally talented kids, teens, and adults.¬† As such, we believe that the name “klezkidz” no longer accurately reflects our identity either to prospective musicians or to organizations with whom we try to book performances.

So, with a heavy sigh, we bid adieu to You’ll be missed.

Original Klezkidz Logo

The original logo from our first web site in 2003.


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